Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh so close!

I'm waiting for some photography lights to turn up in the post.

The lights are a purchase made after attempting some photography recently without the results I was wanting. I moved the items around to catch different light coming in the window, closed the curtains and caught light from a couple of daylight globes and .... and ... nothing was going quite right. The session just didn't go as I wished and it was down to the lighting.

My lighting kit was posted on 2 March - the day after I placed the order. They were sent complete with a tracking number and I eagerly awaited their arrival. On Thursday 9 March (2 days ago), when they hadn't turned up, I phoned the company to enquire about them. Seems they've been lost in the post. They arrived at the Blacktown sorting centre and nothing more was heard of their whereabouts. Well done Australia Post!

But don't despair - the good company I bought them through has sent out another kit and this time they've progressed beyond the sorting centre in Blacktown (Sydney), so hopefully, dear friends, fingers crossed ... they'll be here early next week and I can get to work photographing.

Bella Moon will then be back in business!

By the way, I'm also always looking for inspiration through jewellery (and other) sites with exemplary photography, particularly those containing pearls. If you have favourite sites, I'd love to hear about them :)

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of a piece from my new pearls collection:

White freshwater pearls and amazonite necklace.
Hand knotted on the finest jewellery silk with a sterling silver clasp.

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