Sunday, March 27, 2011

A trip to the city and new pearls

I returned home last night after an enjoyable and exhausting few days in my old home town of Melbourne. I had a ball and inbetween shopping for new supplies I caught up with wonderful friends, with whom I ate, drank and was generally merry.

Most of us who have flown would have seen a sunset from up high, but last night's was gorgeous. A crazy cloud formation in the distance added to the fire in the colours. Couldn't resist a few snaps.

Sunset 10 minutes flying time out of Melbourne

After seven months of country Tasmanian life, however, it only took a day in the city to find myself longing for the trees and horses and chooks and quiet of home. Not bars, pubs, cars and trams and noise. It was refreshing to realise this, as it was my first visit back since moving.

The primary reason for my Melbourne visit was, as mentioned, to go shopping for supplies and to touch base with suppliers. It's always good to forge positive relationships with one's suppliers, so it's nice to do the face to face thing and have a chat (rather than over the phone).

One supplier who I haven't purchased from before, but whose wares I have long admired, is Luke the Akoya (and Tahitian and South Sea) pearls man.

Luke imports directly from pearl farms and I was fortunate to be the first to look through his newest arrivals from Japan. After much deliberation I chose two strands of fine Akoya pearls.

My new stunning white Akoya pearl strand for jewellery making

The pinkish-white pearls are slightly baroque, about 8-9mm in size and have such a deep lustre that they glow in an almost metallic fashion in all kinds of light. Stunners. Pure, beautiful stunners :)

The other strand is a black strand of around 8mm again. These pearls have been treated to create the black colour (the only true black pearl is the Tahitian pearl), but once again they are deeply lustrous, of slightly baroque shape and gorgeous too.

Both new strands of glowingly beautiful Akoyas

I'm now deliberating whether to simply knot the strands with an 18 carat gold clasp (which will be rather pricey!) or to break up the strands and make earrings and pendants. They are truly special things and a bit of a test for me, as I've always used the more affordable freshwater variety.

No doubt I'll make a decision very soon, as I'm really excited about using these new, high quality pearls.

I also purchased two perfect pairs of 6-7mm white Akoyas, which I'll use for dainty little earrings.

On another note, it's lights, camera and action very soon. I have the lighting set up now, so now it's just about removing my designing and making hat and getting on with the business of photographing and uploading. It's going to be a big job, because as well as my own jewellery I also have a range of stock left from the shop - Mexican silver rings and greeting cards amongst the mix.

I'm very excited! I hope you are too.

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