Sunday, February 27, 2011

New year, new location, new stuff

Hello dear readers. It's been almost a year since I last posted. So much has happened that Bella Moon jewellery, my blog and my life has been on hold. It, me, life ... is all now in the process of reemerging, so I thought I'd start again here.

Firstly, I breathed a sigh of relief when Bella Moon closed its retail shop door last April. I was becoming a little jaded with the location I was in, my landlords and retail in general. In my quest to become a shop mogul, I had lost the creative urge that led me into it with such gusto. There was such a sense of excitement and positive energy as I walked away and looked to the future.

A trip to Tasmania for my granddaughter's 1st birthday later in the month was the catalyst for some massive changes. When we flew home to Melbourne it broke my heart to leave, knowing I'd only see her once in a while. I was missing so much of her growing – the milestones, the unconditional love and trust that comes with familiarity. But I did go home and promptly got stuck in a muddy zone I couldn't find a way out of.

In May I attended the launch of a book I had edited (editor, proofreader, writer - my other life). It was a great night and Rum Charles, the book's author, said some lovely things about me as he presented me with a bottle of wine. Following the launch, my husband and I made a spontaneous decision to spend the night in a nice hotel in the city. In our lovely room with a view, drinking the above mentioned wine, we hit on a way to change our lives. Sell the house and move to Tasmania.

There was much to be done - tidying up, painting, putting some finishing touches here and there, installing new kitchen benchtops and cupboard doors. The house went on the market in July and sold a week later, much earlier than the scheduled August auction.

Then I went into moving logistics mode. Removalists to organise was just one thing, but where on earth were we going to live when we arrived in Tasmania?? Another trip south and we secured a country rental. The boat was booked. I bought a car (something I hadn't really needed in Melbourne). We were excited, nervous and very numb. So much changing so quickly.

On the night of 22 September we boarded the Spirit of Tasmania, checked into one of the front deluxe cabins (well worth it) and drank champagne. Then we found the rear deck and watched the city fade away behind us.

We were on our way.

The city fades away into the night.

Since arriving in Tasmania, we've spent time at the beach ...

Sandcastles are fun.
visited historical sites ...

Port Arthur.
visited sites of general interest ...

The Blowhole, Bicheno.
gone fishin' ...
Central highlands.

and had many visits from our Melbourne friends ...

And most recently we have bought a new property, although in our left-of-centre style, it's a not quite a house, but a barn-style tin shed on half an acre that we will convert into a house. We just can't help ourselves, we like projects!

Now, dear reader, it's time to get working again. Just before Christmas I ordered new pearls and sterling silver bits and pieces from which to make new jewellery. And I'm making. Within the next couple of weeks I will be unveiling a new collection of lovely pearl jewellery alongside clearance items - including some stock left from my shop and ad-hoc creations from end of run bead lines.

There's not metalsmithing yet, the new studio will come with the new house, but there are some gorgeous jewels being created and I'm excited.

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