Friday, March 19, 2010

Sultry and sophisticated matte onyx (and a bride's pendant)

As promised in my last post, here are some photos of my gorgeous matte onyx jewellery. It's difficult to photograph how stunning this stone is - it simply glows in a way polished stones can't. I think the top photo captures its sophisticated shine the best.

Graduated matte black onyx & sterling silver collar-length necklace The beads are 14mm, 12mm and end in 8mm size at the clasp.

It's hard to take a photo that does this necklace justice. It's a combination of 12mm and 8mm beads with a mixture of sterling silver beads. The chain links are hand made (by me) from square sterling silver wire.

Three pairs of matte black onyx & sterling silver earrings.

One of the earring pairs featured above.

I've also added these two photos of a pendant I made late last year from 9 karat gold and a beautiful freshwater drop pearl. The pendant was bought by a bride-to-be, and her wedding is today. I love knowing my work is being worn by brides, they are so beautiful and deserve elegant, timeless jewellery.

9 Karat gold and freshwater pearl pendant.
Worn by beautiful bride Sarah today (19 March 2010).

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  1. There's something so sophisticated about onyx, isn't there? And I absolutely adore the lines and balance of the pendant.