Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Shower, The Course and the Thought Bubble

The front and back cover

More than 12 months ago my good friend Rum Charles asked me to edit a book he'd been working on for some time. Of course I accepted - I was honoured to be asked.

I set to work reading the draft copy, and as I turned each page, became more and more interested in the story and style that was unfolding. In fact, I found myself chuckling and couldn't put it down until I finished.

Once read, I hopped on the phone to Rum and informed him how much I enjoyed reading it, and was absolutely chuffed to be able to put some grammatical correctness to this delightfully entertaining, very enlightening book.

It's been more than a year now and The Shower, The Course and The Thought Bubble, '5 steps to successful communication 'is finally a real, printed, published book.
In place on my favourite display table at Bella Moon

Designed to be read on a flight that takes an hour or so (or commuting on the train, or during an afternoon over a cup of tea and biccies), this book isn't preachy or annoying, as so many so-called self-help titles can be.

Instead, The Shower, The Course and The Thought Bubble introduces us to characters based on personalities Rum has actually encountered in his years of facilitating corporate training and development courses.

We meet the Woman with the Impressive Mane and Broad Grins One and Two, while Eighties Guy ... well he's something else. These are a mere three of the colourful characters that bring the book's EQUAL philosophy to life.

With Rum at the helm, we are guided through tips and techniques about what it is to communicate more effectively and improve our relationships with people - both at work and in our private lives.

I've never read the books Who Moved My Cheese or Fish, however Rum's book has been likened to both these major titles.

All I know is I thoroughly enjoyed The Shower, The Course and The Thought Bubble and highly recommend reading it - and not just because I'm credited in the opening pages.
The Shower, The Course and the Thought Bubble for sale at Bella Moon

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