Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here comes the bride

You may have gathered I really like pearls. A lot. I have quite a few in supply and I've been wanting to make something bridal and gorgeous and girly.

I wanted to make this one special, so I've used Akoya pearls - cultured saltwater pearls - rather than freshwater.

One needs to add some sparkles to bridal jewellery, and given I have some Swarovski crystal to hand, I started on a necklace with an idea in my head. I worked on it for a day or two, then tweaked it and now I have a finished item that I'm very happy with.

The photo just doesn't show how gorgeous this is. I just hope it can adorn the neck of a beautiful bride one day soon.

Then I started on some earrings to match.

And a name.

Bella Rose.

There are red roses in a vase in the house my husband brought home to me the other day. I thought one rather appropriate for the photo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the studio

With my ever increasing passion and enthusiasm for jewellery, my husband decided to build me a studio.

He's in the building trade, so he set to work with a lot of building materials gathered from work sites that would otherwise have been discarded in the skips.

Over time, the little room started coming together and I began getting rather excited about what was to come.

It began feeling real when an electrician friend came and wired it up, and a few weeks ago I was finally in there.

It's actually not quite finished off in a few spots yet, but dear Tony hasn't been allowed near the room because he can't get me out of it.

I love sitting out there and working. The morning sun comes in the window and I have good artificial light if working in the evening.

There's still a few tools on my list of 'must have' supplies, but for now I'm doing quite okay with what I have. Often starting out with less makes you a much better craftsperson when you finally get some of the bits and pieces that make life easier.

He's a very clever cookie, isn't he!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All Quiet

The weekend has come and gone and I almost made a lovely silver piece. But things kept going a bit wrong. There was a little voice in my head saying "stop now, you'll stuff it up" ... but I didn't listen to my own reason and by Sunday I'd completely buggared it. I locked up the studio and all I could do was learn a big lesson and think on it a while.

Yesterday I took the day off from my studio and pottered about, doing other things.

Today I had a much better day. I dug out the piece (I'd put it in my scrap silver jar) and looked at it, thought about it a bit and decided to try something completely different. I'd scratched it over the weekend - scratches that wouldn't come out. So I attached a little diamond-tipped burr to my trusty Dremel and began texturing.

It worked! I stopped when it had worked too.

Then came the rest. Red coral nuggets, some chain, a couple of extra drill holes in the new silver and a little imagination and this is the result:

I was rather pleased with it in the end. The sterling focal piece is rather shell-like and sets off the coral quite nicely.

Having completed this and photographed it I then worked tirelessly for the afternoon on an absolutely gorgeous girly wedding set.

You're going to have to wait for that one, though. It's finished, apart from one little tweak I'll do tomorrow.

Have a great week.