Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're into it

Yesterday was a significant day in the life of Bella Moon with the handing over of two keys for my shop. Yes folks, I'm officially now in refurbish and fit out mode. YIPPEEEE (that's what I have to say about that, anyway).

So I began with windows. Those gorgeous, important features that can make the difference between whether people walk in or walk past. My windows are essentially what attracted me to the shop (well that and the location), but the poor things had been badly mistreated. When the old pub that was there was being renovated and turned into apartments the brand new front windows had been painted over.

Fair enough, you may say. A bit of privacy while work was undertaken.

But the newest windows are aluminium framed and the dodgy workers had painted them without any protective tape on said frames! Aaaaaagh. So yesterday's efforts were focused on cleaning paint off window frames and rubber seals, cleaning the windows themselves and taping some very funky 1960s newspaper to the windows to cover them up while the refurbishment is undertaken.

Here, my dear readers, are some photos of the outside of my new shop with the windows papered. Oh if you do happen to know of it there is currently some very ordinary graffiti on the front, but with a bit of photo editing magic, we can just make that disappear.

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The outside of the shop with all the windows papered.

The page on the front door is a motor vehicle ad for Simca.
The page is dated Saturday Feb 16 1963

The corner window is at the entrance to the apartment block

The patchwork window has some great pages from 1961 - 1963

Featured on the patchwork window is fashions from Myer.
This page is dated March 2, 1963

It's fun to have some newspaper that's a little bit entertaining for passers by while the inside remains a mystery to the street.

And if you're wondering where they came from, well, I'll let you in on the secret. My darling husband, (caring!) tradesman that he is, pulled these up from under some very old flooring he's replacing and brought them home for me for this very purpose.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

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