Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On becoming a Grandmother

I flew out from Melbourne last Tuesday and headed south to Hobart to see my beautiful daughter, her wonderful partner and her gorgeous, gorgeous new baby - my first grandchild. Wow.

Yes folks, I am now officially a grandmother. Ava Brigette was born on 26 April, a perfect, healthy darling who I have fallen totally in love with.

That's about all this over the moon Grandma can manage right now. Just thought I'd better check in and drop a line.

I'll write more and post a snapshot when I return home.

Let's raise our glasses to beautiful babies and wonderful parents.


  1. Oh congratulations! You must be delighted :-)

  2. Fantastic news!! Congratulations & what a stunning name :)

  3. Hey Congrats on becoming a grandmother! Thats awesome- lets Celebrate!:D
    Hope the kid and everybody else is well!