Friday, March 13, 2009

Somebody loves me

Hello - I warmly welcome my first honoured reader! What a buzz. I hope I can provide you with truly inspired words and images to help cheer up your day and inspire your life.

Speaking of inspiration, I spent yesterday in my studio working on a couple of silver pieces that I soon hope to put on my site. I'm loving being able to shape the metal in the dapping block (to de-jargonise, a dapping block is a block of steel with dome shapes cut into it that you punch a flat piece of metal into with a specially shaped punch so it comes out a nice ... well ... dome). I love the learning process of heating, forming, polishing - it's quite magical turning a raw material into something useable.

My inspiration comes from a wide a range of sources - from many cultures and different periods throughout history. While at university I studied Renaissance art and architecture, which was an incredibly wonderful and well taught sequence of units, taking us from proto-Renaissance through to the end of the Baroque era. There are so many images and moods and shapes I refer to time and again to remind myself of not just the way something looks, but the way it makes me feel. It's the feeling I hope to convey through my art, my jewellery, my work.

As I develop my metal smithing skills I want to bring the beauty, the myth, the mystical - as well as the downright funky - into my designs. They're there in my head, but it takes time and patience to translate into a sculptural piece of wearable art.

It's an exciting time!

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