Monday, March 16, 2009


Having spent most of Saturday setting up my Etsy page, I had aimed to photograph my latest jewellery designs yesterday. I'm a little hesitant about taking more photos, because I have a very limited happy snaps camera right now and it's difficult to get quality light and focus in the shots.

Well, great plans don't always come to fruition, so after joining my husband on a little errand, we decided to have some lunch out in one of Brunswick Street's eateries. (That's a funky street in Fitzroy, an inner-urban suburb of Melbourne.)

I made the mistake of having not one, but two glasses of red wine, which undid me at the seams and instead of coming straight home after lunch, we pottered around and stopped here and there. By the time we arrived home, it was too late for photos and we just had dinner and watched a DVD instead.

So today I must do what I was going to do yesterday. Hopefully I'll have some new pictures up on my Etsy page later today - all going well with the camera and light today. Must get a DSLR soon.

I'd best get to it then.

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