Sunday, March 15, 2009


My daughter said to me over the phone the other day that I have a lot of pearl jewellery on my site. She's quite right, I have, and I plan to have much more, including South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Why? Well, I simply adore pearls.

Unlike stones, pearls require no cutting, faceting or shaping. They are already perfect from the shell in which they are created. Pearls are quite miraculous - so much beauty emerging from such a strange little package as an oyster.

I have recently been reading about the mystical qualities of pearls. These include offering the wearer the power of love, money, protection and luck. They are also said to offer wisdom through experience and to keep children safe. They are calming and centering and signify faith, charity and innocence. They symbolise purity and sincerity, bringing honesty, integrity and loyalty. They are ultimately feminine, helping women connect with their inner goddesses.

Pearls have also been used throughout medical history to help treat digestive disorders, muscular systems and the skin. In some cultures, powders and potions containing pearls assist in fertility, as well as in easing childbirth.

Pearls are associated with myth and legend. The ancient Chinese thought pearls fell from the sky when dragons fought. Greek culture believed that wearing pearls would promote marital bliss and prevent newlywed women from crying. Pearls were also thought to be the tears of the gods, or tears of the moon.

With all that positive energy, who couldn't appreciate the beauty of pearls?

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  1. The pearl pieces are's good to see quality work for sale on etsy...and your photos turned out's not easy photographing jewellery!