Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it Friday already?

This week has been a little crazy, a little disorganised and a little unproductive (apart from making my sister's necklace I haven't managed to do much at all in the studio). I guess you get that.

I'm really enjoying being part of Etsy and DUST (Down Under Street Team). I've been spending far too long sitting on the net and reading forum posts, offering feedback, receiving feedback and generally getting a fantastic vibe from the whole thing. It makes me realise how much this career change right now is so right!

There is an incredible array of talented, creative people out there - I'm so proud to be part of it at last. Or I should say: again. Many years ago I gave up life in theatre and film (direction/art direction) to open a business. Through being in business I became all businessy and let the creative part of me go for so long. I even went back to uni and did a degree, majoring in journalism.

As part of my degree, however, I undertook a 3-semester sequence of units titled: Renaissance Art & Architecture. This sequence began my time of learning about how to read, write and generally appreciate art and architecture of all sorts.

But I was still businessy and corporate and wore suits to work and focused my energies on strategies and writing dry things and all that sort of stuff.

In recent years, with the discovery of a passion for making jewellery, I have found myself drawn back into creating. This time I have the love and support of a fine man, who I adore. He's so excited that I've found the confidence at last to take my passion to the world, instead of running around in a suit in a semi-miserable state, which just frustrated the hell out of me in the end.

But that's another story.

Back to the other wonderful people I'm meeting - albeit electronically. Where to start? I'll just post a few links from an amazing selection of talented artisans out there. Do take the time to check them out, they are worth it.

Incalesco - silver and other metal jewellery with stones, fabric and all sorts
Inner Earth Soaps - divine hand made soaps
Finchbird - stunningly simple jewellery with a touch of whimsy
Realisation Creations - gorgeous wire-wrapped jewellery

These are such a tiny selection of what's out there and very one behind these sites is a unique, talented creator of gorgeousness.

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  1. How nice to be described as "a unique, talented creator of gorgeousness", you are correct in saying we are in fabulous company. So glad you have joined us and I look forward to reading more about you and your beautiful jewellery.