Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the studio

With my ever increasing passion and enthusiasm for jewellery, my husband decided to build me a studio.

He's in the building trade, so he set to work with a lot of building materials gathered from work sites that would otherwise have been discarded in the skips.

Over time, the little room started coming together and I began getting rather excited about what was to come.

It began feeling real when an electrician friend came and wired it up, and a few weeks ago I was finally in there.

It's actually not quite finished off in a few spots yet, but dear Tony hasn't been allowed near the room because he can't get me out of it.

I love sitting out there and working. The morning sun comes in the window and I have good artificial light if working in the evening.

There's still a few tools on my list of 'must have' supplies, but for now I'm doing quite okay with what I have. Often starting out with less makes you a much better craftsperson when you finally get some of the bits and pieces that make life easier.

He's a very clever cookie, isn't he!


  1. That looks WAY too tidy Marti! My Hubby built my workshop too (with my Dad) - what good men we have.

  2. You're a lucky girl too then!

    Aaaah, the photo was taken in the morning before going out to work in it. I do tend to do a tidy up after each day, I find it gives me a clear start. Did you notice my retro ergonomic chair (not!)?