Sunday, March 29, 2009

The child within - featuring Tummy Mountain

I clicked into an artist's site on Etsy recently that really made the child in me feel all gooey and warm.

The images on Tummy Mountain are unique, each exuding a little story of childhood play, happiness and innocence.

The colours in this are so summery and warm - I love the golden sky and the pink watermelon, with that big grin of the little one as she peeks out behind this oversized piece of happy summer fruit.

What Cake
Can't you imagine the childish conspiracy behind these two cheeky kids?

Mum or Dad issuing the instruction not to eat the chocolate cake - freshly iced and ready for afternoon tea. But who can resist just a little taste? I bet they promised not to tell too.

Getting caught in the rain is quite an adventure! But so is the delight at finding something just right to shelter under, especially when you're with your friends.

I love the looks on their faces - just a little bit stuck. For now.

When my daughter was a little girl I always read bedtime stories to her at night. In fact, bedtime was something she looked forward to and I never suffered the endless tantrums and hours of teary wakefulness I've witnessed since.

Sometimes a book wasn't enough though, so I'd sit with the lights out, holding her hand and tell stories of all sorts of wonderful things. Her favourite was one about a magic apple tree, which would take her gently to the land of nod.

The Milky Way
This is just the sort of picture that could conjure up a million children's stories, stimulating their imagination and taking them to all sorts of happy places in their dreams. But don't forget the cat!

The many prints and paintings on Tummy Mountain are inspired little vignettes and deserve to adorn the walls of children's rooms everywhere. Or in print - what perfect illustrations for a hundred books or more. I adore them.

Thank you to the artist for permission to reproduce the images. The hardest thing has been to choose just a few!


  1. The little ones would like me to say thank you on their behalf for featuring some of their adventures on your blog.

  2. These pictures are divine!! Off to check out more in store...